Xavax frystermometer

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  • Makes it easier to maintain the recommended internal temperature of refrigerators and freezers
  • Correct internal temperature keeps food fresh longer
  • Easy attachment and removal by means of a hook and loop tape
  • Large digital display for easy reading
  • The temperature can be displayed in °C or Fahrenheit
Keep an eye on your temperatures!

Although many refrigerators and freezers come with built in thermometers these days, there are still a significant number in many households and more that do not and this can lead to the following scenario happening...

You have just returned from a long day at work and there is nothing you want more than to eat the lovely casserole you saved from last night's meal. However, on opening the fridge to take out the casserole you notice that some of the food stored inside has started to smell and that the fridge does not feel as cold as it should be. This is the third time in the space of a month but yet again without a thermometer on the fridge, who knows how long ago the temperature had risen and therefore, whether it is safe or not to eat the food. How frustrating and more wasted food!

The Xavax refrigerator/freezer thermometer brought to you by Hama, which can prevent those frustrating moments and save you constantly throwing away food by providing you with a thermometer which will make it easier to maintain the recommended internal temperature of refrigerators and freezers. Having the correct internal temperature keeps food fresh longer and limits and prevents bacterial growth.

Furthermore, it is easily attached and removed by means of the hook and loop tape and it has the ability to store the min and max temperatures in its data memory.



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